Three coins that could change your life by 2025, a Cordano Vijayan. Hello, guys. Welcome back to the Krypto Diary. After this video, you will have learned about the three coins that could change your life by the year 2025. You might have read about Okami Cordano and Vijayan before now, but has it ever crossed your mind that by 2025 these digital assets could actually make you retire? Early 2021 has been a great year for these coins and they’ve recorded meteoric rise is that no one saw coming. The three coins are different as chalk and cheese and the varying technology sets them apart. In fact, they’ve grown to be specialist coins.

For example, we can’t talk about digital collectibles without describing the exploits of economy and we can’t talk about NAFTA and smart contracts without mentioning Cordano in vain. These two are even touted as a theory of Slayer’s. However, it remains to be seen. So let’s get right into it. Okami Cordano and Vijayan are three of the hottest digital assets you could have in your investment portfolio if you own them already. Congratulations, you’re ready to be lucky. Partnerships have been one of the major catalysts for price movements on their respective platforms. Upgrades are lined up, especially for Vijayan, further making their technology more engaging. A Cardno and Vijayan collectively have a trading volume of well over a billion dollars and a market cap of over forty six billion dollars. Now let’s talk about why they’re good investments. Okami, the V.V. app is the most significant component of the economy network. It is so functional the questions have been raised if it has what it takes to make the coin reach. The Moon Economy is a Singapore based tech startup that is geared towards improving the interactivity, accessibility and security of digital assets. In addition, Akamai strives to improve the digital collectible space.

This is made possible by making a series of various applications and protocols that facilitates non fungible token gaming, trading and streaming. Omae is the network’s native Tolkan Utako Me. They have interesting ideas. They want to provide a one stop shop for NFTE, 21st century pop culture, digital collectibles. The project offers an entertainment application, cold storage, hardware, wallet and community focused interactive protocols that include air technology. You should also note that the native V.V. application offers a secondary NFTE marketplace. As an OMI holder or economy enthusiast, you should know about the V.V. app, the V.V. app. Like I earlier mentioned, the V.V. app is central to the operations of economies. Network users can use V.V. to obtain common or unique digital collectibles, customize and showcase them in virtual showrooms as well as buy, sell or trade collectibles with other V.V. app users.

Vivi’s augmented reality helps users to take a picture with their favorite collectibles. With their features, users can even scan their surroundings and click on their phone to drop their digital collectible on any flat surface. They can also move, rotate and scale their collectibles and text them to their friends and family or just post them on their social media. You can get an idea of the value of your collectibles in V.V. secondary market. You can also buy the ones you may have missed out on or sell the ones that you presently have. Cash is not exchanged on the marketplace for sales, but trade is done in gems. One gem is often equivalent to one dollar.

The interesting part is that you can exchange gems for omae, which fluctuates based on the market value. This is a major price catalyst for omae the omae token throughout the Arkham ecosystem. The only token is what is used. Every transaction on the V.V. app is done by using the native omae token. That includes trading digital collectibles and also utilizing staking facilities to generate access to exclusive premium features. The token was intentionally designed to be a valuable medium of exchange. When a transaction with the token on the.

app is confirmed, the information or data cannot be changed and is publicly stored. This eliminates any disagreements of ownership or illegitimate items. V.V. users can also verify transactions using the go chain explorer OMAE Price Prediction. Xiaomi has an impressive list of partnerships and we can expect that to continue for the rest of the year. One advantage that the platform has is the experience and talents running their licensing department. This has been able to attract cult icons like Capcom, Warner Brothers and DC who have all released unique NFTE natively for a COMI. If a company can study the momentum, we’ll be seeing the new omae price for sure. As such, I see it reaching around zero point zero five dollars before the end of 2021. Akamai is more than a marketplace.

It is a social networking platform that shares the NFTE experience with other users through a virtual showroom. With each user’s collection on display, the V.V. app has also leveraged are so users can bring their benefits into the real world and enjoy them in 3D space. As NFTE get more popular, expect positive price actions for omae. Goodenow Goodenow is a third generation decentralized proof of stake block chain network that is made to be a more efficient alternative to proof of work networks like a theory of interoperability, scalability and sustainability on the network are limited by the infrastructure strains of growing costs, slow transaction times and energy use. Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson understood these drugs on block chain networks, so he began to develop Goodenow and its native TOA. And ADA in 2015, it was launched in 2017. The platform operates on the Uroboros consensus protocol.

It was created in its foundation phase and is the first post that is not only secure, but also informed by scholarly academic research. Each development phase in the Kadina roadmap is supported by a research based framework that integrates peer reviewed insights with evidence based methods to achieve its goal for the Block Chain Network and the ADA Tolkan, one of Cadenas most talked about features as its smart contract functionality. This will allow developers to build apps that interact with popular, decentralized exchanges.

Cordano is still testing things out with its smart contract update, but continues to make progress. The update, called Alonzo Wilfork, will likely become a major needle mover for the ADA token. We all know how a theory on smart contracts are making strides in the industry. It’s interesting to see what Goodenow offers when its own smart contracts get set up and running at a price movement. ADA currently sits at number five on the market, along with a market cap of 41 billion dollars and a trading volume of one billion dollars. It now trades at one point twenty eight, and this may help it to challenge the one point thirty mark with the announcement of the Alonzo White upgrade to clear the path for the Cardno Network. Smart contracts. There will soon be positive price movements in epic proportions featuring Vijayan has a strong position, and I’m not only referring to its top 30 market position, neither am I, referring to the old coins, strong Beijing connections, its use cases across multiple industries, widening adoptions and scintillating upcoming projects makes fact.

One of the hottest digital assets to invest in right now. As a refresher of a block chain based supply chain platform, the company is committed to leveraging distributed control and Iot technologies to make an ecosystem that solves major supply chain management issues. The goal is to improve the traceability and transparency of supply chains. This is to make sure that the users are protected from fake products. The company recently partnered with Shanghai’s foremost hospital, Renji Hospital, to launch My Baby, which is a block chain based service that monitors IVF progress. The idea is to allow families to see transparently all data related to the development of eggs into embryos tracked on the block chain feed chain once to my baby up to relieve anxiety, depression and stress related to the IVF cycle.


But what does this ultimately mean for the vet price movement? Additional partnerships will help the project scalability and create demand for the tokens leading to higher prices. In addition, just recently Vijayan and shopping to EU struck a partnership that will help feed chain users like you to shop on Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and Etsy. Using the VAT token Susur city is another Vijayan achievement. They just launched Chang’an Code based on Vijayan Toolchain that covers over 300000 local residents. The country of San Marino is also approved of chain powered national digital vaccination passports. Now, this is a tremendous leap forward for the companies block chain. We are already seeing more real life use cases that are driving mass adoption. If the chain continues like this alongside positive market impacts, we might be seeing a new VAT all time high in the nearest future, central to the network’s future as its POWA 2.0 rollout.

In fact, that has seen about five point seven percent profit in the daily chart after the V Chain Foundation published the roadmap for POWA 2.0. So what is the POWA 2.0? It’s a major milestone for the Vine universe on the Vine. Foundation expects to remove the trade offs from the Nakamoto consensus, as well as the Byzantine Fault Tolerance BFT consensus, which is used by Bitcoin and some other cryptos. Essentially, the new POWA 2.0 consensus will help the networks block chain to be more efficient in meeting the increasing demand for better performance. Users cannot go into the test net to deploy or build decentralized applications. How cool is that? Crypto experts have concluded that with a new milestone, there will be an increase in adoption. The potential for massive use cases will also have a positive impact on vets’ price.

That price prediction that currently trades at zero point zero eight two five two dollars with a market cap of five billion dollars and a trading volume of four hundred seventy eight million dollars, the guys at Vijayan will have to work harder if the token price will assume and affirm its position for bullish momentum in terms of its long term price prediction. If it swings beyond its initial all time high, which is zero point twenty seven dollars and community play the cards right. With more corporate and industrial adoption, the crypto will be among the fastest growing asset in the future. All in all, the VAT is set for great things and with the POWA 2.0 around the corner, the chain is ready to be reborn. In conclusion, these are coins of a good thing going on for them from milestone rollout’s Jussie Partnerships to attracting industry big players. That’s why they will make brilliant additions to your investment portfolio. But I must warn you, ensure that you do your own research before investing. This video is only for educational purposes. Thanks for watching and catch you next time.


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