ai marketing website explanation Dear honorable sisters, welcome to know that you are now in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). In the world of digital marketing, artificial intelligence is used to bridge the gap between analytics and how strategies are used and implemented. Your perception of the future of artificial intelligence can be intimidating or beautiful. In this article, an ai marketing website will be explained.

1. Explain ai marketing.

AI Marketing Company is a cashback and online advertising business and profit from the internet by funding a marketbot. which was created in May 2017 by Wexford Alliance Limited. Registered No. 2531493 and headquartered in Hong Kong, China.

Explanation of the ai marketing site, where the company allows you to invest in advertising and earn an average of 25% to 35% of your funding from the Internet.
Residents of the land, Dora and Ana, no matter how old they are, provide an opportunity to win 35 percent of cash back, without complications or effort. Explanation of the ai marketing website. It works all over the world with ease. It owns a robo or the so-called selling products of contracting companies, which means that My Marketing analyzes the markets and analyzes each country and its market, providing each region with products according to its research and according to the situation, at the best prices and with a good cash back, which means a limited effort and it can It performs a lot of operations per second and works 24 hours a day.

Everyone who joins the AI ​​Marketing Project admires the work the bot does from advertising to big business which translates into cashback rewards every day and what makes us even more impressed with this great concept is that the more capital, the more profit from the internet. Sales with him which increases our profits from more cashback.

2. ai marketing website explanation

There is an easy way to sign up for ai marketing and you can also get $50 off asthma through this link
After 48 hours, the robot is up and running.

The first stage

second stage

Click on the link. Registration will take you to the page, as shown in the picture. The registration stages have been followed.

Watch the video for more link in the video

After you click on gmail, you will be taken to this page, write your name
Congratulations, you have activated $50, wait 48 hours and a robot will start

This method is activated with a $50 voucher without the need to put a code where you will find your ai marketing website. What makes it even more amazing is the $50 loan that the company offers to users to experience the robot’s work and see how sales come in and how cashback appears in the accounts. Profit from the Internet is guaranteed and on my guarantee.

You will find a telegram link for more explanation and to help you understand all the details of the work. Any problem you face, you can contact. Telegram link

3. ai marketing website explanation

ai marketing website explanation

ai marketing has laid real foundations and solid rules, so that people all over the world can trust it and invest their money without the complications or big risks of withdrawal and payment methods from Google, Apple and others.
These two giants cannot risk their brand and high reputation to deal and match with a company without knowing the real services offered and clear goals. This is what makes ai marketing reliable with a very high safety rate
Feeling confident in Ai Marketing gives us a valuable opportunity to generate additional online income.

Marketing is spread widely all over the world, they invest and earn money from users and marketers. Every day money withdraws from different parts of the world without any problems mentioned, except in exceptional cases, the technical support team comes to deal with the transaction and solve the problem.

What is cashback or cashback?

This is a marketing concept prevalent mainly in Europe, Australia, the United States and some Asian countries, where companies encourage customers to buy their products and services in return for returning a percentage of the value of the purchase to the customer, as it can be said that it is a reverse reduction that occurs after the purchase.
AiMarketing has contracts with over 20,000 major cashback or cashback companies including Walmart, AliExpress, Bestbuy, Amazon, Ebay, Adobe, Booking, Emirates Airlines and many more.

We as clients of ai marketin can recover a percentage of the money on the purchase we make by obtaining a voucher from our account through AiMarketing.

ai marketing website explanation

We are registered with ai marketing as users. Our job is to fund the bot for advertising to companies and when they sell their products we get 55% of the cash the company earns, and the company keeps 45%. The company allows you to invest in advertising with an average profit of 25% to 35% of your funding. For every dollar you invest in advertising, you earn between 1.25% to 1.35%. The company takes the remaining 45% of the funds.

Funds insurance is also provided in case the sale deal is cancelled, as the company guarantees that the money will be compensated to you and you will not lose a penny. The higher the capital, the higher the daily earnings. Payment methods and withdrawals are also available (Visa, MasterCard, Bank MasterCard Kiwi, Yundex Money, CritMer, Apple B, Google B, MoneyPerfect, Pierre, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Teter).

Withdrawals from a Visa bank card arrive in less than one day.
The robot works 24 hours in 24 hours
7 days a week non-stop
A valuable opportunity to generate additional online income from ai marketing.

4. How does AiMarketing work? ai marketing site

As a participant in the AiMarketing system, you charge the robot with at least 10 dollars and the more your investment or capital is, the more sales and profits you will get.
After you fund the smart marketing bot from AiMarketing, the marketbot analyzes

Markets and selects the products and services that are most in demand and marketed.
The team of professionals from AiMarketing will select the most popular offers with the highest cashback returns.
The AiMarketing team through the Marketbot launches targeted advertising campaigns for each region separately through Facebook and Google Ads.
AiMarketing guarantees you 55 percent of your refund on every sale.
AiMarketing provides you with live stats for both sales and profit percentage compared to the amount invested and cashback percentage.

ai marketing explained In our AiMarketing account, we funded campaigns worth $30 and these campaigns succeeded in giving us $50.84 as cashback, our profit percentage is the difference between what we spent on the campaigns and what we earned as cashback, i.e. $26.97.

ai marketing website explanation

AiMarketing also provides you with accurate statistics of sales made through your financing of these advertising campaigns, the percentage of cashback you earned on each successful sale, and the date when the value of this refund will be available.

Where do your profits simply come from? ai marketing site

The seller pays a commission which is a cashback service.
The cashback service will be ready to share with those who promoted the sales.
The AiMarketing MarketBot attracts potential customers through advertisements.
As a sponsor of these advertising campaigns, you will be entitled to receive a percentage of this commission or a percentage of the cashback.
For every dollar you invest in advertising funding, you will earn between $1.25 and $1.35.
Reasons to work with MarketBot ai marketing
stable daily income
Simple and clear income form
Unlimited withdrawal of your winnings via your bank card, Payer, Perfect money and cryptocurrencies Risk Guarantee from “MarketBot Protect”

How to register in AiMarketing and start marketing and profit?

1. After entering the AiMarketing website by clicking here, you can change the website’s language to Arabic if you need to.
2. Click on the blue brain icon as shown in the image below and create an account by creating an account in InbMarketing sponsored by AiMarketing.

5. AiMarketing website

ai marketing explained AI Marketing *It is a cashback bot that automates sales by posting sponsored ads on social networks, and returns you commissions on every sale from 1 to 15%, which is cashback, and on your investment you earn 35% minimum In month. Global MarketBot Company’s reliable global trend analysis technology. The technology is very innovative. You do not need any special skills to benefit from it (open to all).

Complete information transparency. The system operates 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The earned income can be withdrawn at any time once the business cycle has ended (30 days on average).

The system searches for advertising spaces negotiated at the best cost on specialized sites, with the largest known brands, and takes care of achieving sales in an automated manner. The resulting cash return is between 1.5% and 15% for goods, and between 15% and 60% for services.

ai marketing explained The company was founded in 2017. Her first job was to develop the automated system. 2018 was the initial testing phase to validate the tuning. This is where MarketBot is also developed. In 2018, the Internet domain name was reserved, partnership contracts with major brands were signed, and in 2019 the site was opened to the online public. Finally, in 2020, the company is accepted into Silicon Valley, world-renowned for being the heart of “high-tech” tech innovation on the planet with companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netfilx, Yahoo, Apple AI MARKETING working in scientific studies, artificial intelligence, and cross-marketing. Internet. Legal information: Wexford Alliance Limited – Company #2531493 – Unit 1503, 15/F. No. 69 – Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

ai marketing website explanation

ai marketing website explanation * How does this system work? *The Global Product Promotion and Analysis System analyzes trends in social media and search queries. The results of the analysis are used to determine which keywords and trends are becoming more popular. Programs/products that match regional trends are mainly chosen because our platform is connected to cashback programs of more than 20,000 websites. Marketing team requests ads based on trends using Google Ad-Words and Yandex Direct, social media and other internet platforms. When advertised customers purchase a product or service, the cashback program operator notifies us of the refund through the API and shows an accumulation with a status of “pending” in our personal account.

AI Marketing Explanation After the cashback operator confirms the purchase (if the customer does not request a refund or return the ticket or product purchased, for example). we receive a cashback and you get 55% of the cashback amount while they get website at 45%. The withdrawal confirmation time depends on the withdrawal schedule and can take anywhere from 16 to 60 days. The discount amount you get is displayed in the “cashback” account. 45% of the cashback makes up mainly the company’s income.

ai marketing website explanation

These funds are used to cover operating activities and support the MarketBot Protect Fund. MarketBot Protect covers payments to customers when customers return a product or service or refund and the cashback operator cancels the payment. Example: As the holiday approaches. our analysis system detects that the word combinations “last minute tour,” “cheap ticket. and “hotel reservation It has become fashionable There are cashback programs from travel industry websites like OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour, etc.

We require massive ads in select regions. After customers have made purchases, the amounts accrued in your account appear as “Pending” in the “Sales” section of your account. After the cashback is confirmed by the cashback program operator, the money is received into the “Refund” account Money” can be withdrawn. How to use the site step by step?

6. Explanation of the AI ​​Marketing site for profit from the Internet

1 – Funding (when registering with the link, you do not need to fund the robot at the beginning) First, you need to fund your advertising balance. Go to the Top section of and fund your advertising credit using all available means. Currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Visa and MC card are accepted. get to know me Explain cryptocurrency

2 – Launch an ad campaign Coordination of ad campaigns on Google Ad-Words, Yandex Direct and other social media usually takes up to 48 hours. Within 48 hours, MarketBot will deduct money from your ad balance to start ad campaigns (you will see your ad budget in the stats section). Advertising campaigns will be launched and sales will start after the moderation is completed.

ai marketing website explanation

3 – Cashback accumulation After the customers attracted by the ad make a purchase. the cashback collectors collect the cashback and you can see in the “Sales” section the status “Pending”. Refund will be available after confirmation that the customer has not requested the return or refund.

4-marketbot protection If a customer requests a return or refund. the transaction will be covered by MarketBot Protect Fund and you will always receive the money due. However, the refunds from the MarketBot Protect Fund are credited to your ad campaign budget, to your ad account instead of your redemption account.

5- Withdraw money. Collectors deposit funds after purchase is confirmed. The money is then transferred from the “suspension” account to the “cashback” account and becomes available for withdrawal. Here is how to maximize your income using artificial intelligence for marketing.

7. Basic Affiliate Program ai marketing

Explanation of ai marketing The AI ​​Marketing Essentials Partner Program assumes compensation from the respective mediums will be paid towards the MarketBot. By attracting active participants, you will receive a bonus equal to 5% of the total replenishment of their balance.

To promote affiliate links, project clients can create their own personal account page. To do this, go to the “My Marketing” menu, click on “Create a landing page” and select “Standard.”

Next, select the necessary items on the landing page. Ideally, check all the boxes, but if you don’t have a video presentation, you can leave the last item unchecked.

ai marketing website explanation

In addition, in the “cashback” section, you will be presented with a certificate code for inviting affiliates – you can download or copy the code. get to know me Cryptocurrencies

Please note that affiliate earnings are only paid if you have an active MarketBot. If you invested money, and the bot finished its work after, say, 7 days, then no profit will be charged from the invited referrals. In this case, you need to replenish your balance again from $ 10.

In AI Marketing, you can have two affiliate links: one that will allow you to register referrals without a bonus, and the second that will allow you to invite new members with a $50 certificate.

It is up to your partners to decide which of them to use for registration, because in the case of a bonus there will be special conditions for withdrawal, and I will tell you about them below in the explanation of the ai marketing site.

No matter what level of experience you have, you can start investing for free ($50 gift certificate) today! With this bot, everything is planned for a hassle-free experience. You will be able to start accruing cashback without having to do anything.


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