Explain inb network is fast becoming a household name as this awesome platform has created a way for regular people like you and me to earn money using cashback and artificial intelligence.

I would like to introduce you to the so-called INB Network through this unbiased review and share with you how easy it is to create passive income that generates cashback through the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

1. Explain the inb network.

The IB Network as it is called is actually a business model that allows its members to earn online. The business model revolves around managing a large client base.

Explain how to register on the inb network

Registration link

This is done by entering into agreements with online income projects.

inb.network gets a share of the partner project’s income to introduce a large client base.
Our clients earn through individual work on the partner platform and by inviting new members (MLM). There are a number of additional ways to earn including trading the internal currency called National Bank of Oman tokens.

You’ll learn more about the inb network making money when I go through the review. This is basically the marketing model described here. What you might really want to know is how does one actually earn?

2. Earn from inb.network

Before I take you into the area of ​​how you can actually make money inb network, let me first show you that there are two forces at work here. At first I found myself confusing to follow but it gets easier for me.

What you have here in terms of inb network. On the other hand, you have the marketing arm called AI Marketing and this is powered by bot automation. Simply put the bot technology known as Marketbots.

The main source of income comes from cashback rewards. The network covers more than 20,000 companies and the bots in the market through artificial intelligence will seek to gain a large market share.

By advertising, bots will give people the best offers available with a strategy of cashback rewards.

When sales are done, they don’t end there. The market share that bots help you capture in the first place is enticed by the availability of cashback incentives based on their purchases.

3. Earn from the Internet

ib network Explanation You determine the profits you will make by first becoming a network partner, so you can now fund your bot to go out and advertise on your behalf.

This advertisement either for many network constituent companies or even for your personal company benefits you in the following way.

What we have is a large number of companies but simply not enough clients to satisfy them all. So a method or strategy had to be devised to capture any and all dodgy clients.

There had to be a way to get new customers by being willing to make their shopping experience one that gives them back more, so the result will be increased customer spending. Happy swap.

Aggregators, as they are called, will pay commissions to attract customers. People call it cashback. We are using artificial intelligence to help them do this and at the same time we share in the rewards.

Depending on the inb site, cashback can range from 1.5% to 15% for goods and from 15 to 60% for services. So with our automated system of market bots, we can connect you with the best variants.

Don’t make a mistake about this. The war on customers has begun and one of the strategies used to win that war is cashback. For a better perspective read this.

Once you have taken the time to go through the article I gave you access to in the link above, everything will be explained, after which you can choose to become a partner by contacting me for the registration link. Simply.

You can also learn more by visiting the actual AI Marketing website, choosing your preferred language and immersing yourself in the future of commerce.

4. Make money

Inb network explanation To summarize, let me explain the concept in an easier to understand format.

There are four (4) co-workers in this equation. Aggregators, buyers, market bots, and of course, investors (you and me). Now, this is the process.

AI Marketing requires money to run ads. These ads will attract people all over the world using search engines like Google, Facebook, Yandex and other internet platforms.

The ads will encourage people to buy which leads to more sales. When sales are made to aggregators (companies), you as the investor who finance the market robots are treated with a percentage of the sale called cashback.

The investor enjoys 55% of the cashback whose money is funded by a market bot that researches the acquisition of products and services prior to the general purchase and 45% goes to the marketing arm of the network.

Explain inb network So what we have here is a network platform where people can sign up and join with a link provided by a colleague or friend. When you sign up, your network login data also covers your access to ai marketing.

This sister site is the marketing arm of the company called iMarketing. Their market bots are hired to do the heavy lifting as it were to ensure your business is smooth and hassle free.

All you need to do is as follows: – The inviter must have given you a code that will fund Marketbot upon activation with $50 to start the advertising process on your behalf to earn sales and of course cashback.

5. How to access AIMarketing from the inb network.

Explain inb networkAfter you log in this is what it will look like. To access the AIMarketing website, click as indicated by the arrow in the image below.

To access the links to invite your partners, from the image above you will see in the list the icon of people with the phrase “invite”. NS

Just click on this tab and the inb network referral links will be available via a popup and you can then copy them.

The last slide I’m going to share with you here is what AIMarketing looks like. It should be noted that you must first register with the inb.network link before going to the AI marketing website.

In any case, you can access the AI marketing website from within the inb.network back office area. When you first arrive on the AI Marketing website, it will appear in Russian, but you can select your language as shown in the image below.


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