Ephriam is still one of the most profitable cryptos on the market, and now I’m going to show you a way to own up to 2.5 victims every single day. Hi, guys. I’m the capitalist. And today I’m going to be showing you how you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day by generating Fetim on an awesome website. What’s awesome about this method is that it doesn’t require any fancy equipment, skill or experience. And you can start making money with this right now, right after finishing this video. You don’t have to worry about your location because these options available everywhere in the world. And it’s all very, very simple. All you have to do is simply make sure you watch the whole video so you won’t miss out on any important information. And now, guys, I’m going to jump into the first step, but only after I ask you to hit the like button. And if you like this, but please subscribe to our channel if you want to learn about more ways to monetize your time online.

So, guys, without any further ado, we’re going to jump into step number ones high. If you’re watching this, then you have to know we’re doing a brand new giveaway on our channel. We’re going to be giving away the new iPhone Tosspot Macs, part of the MacBook Pro. It is your choice to watch the video completely and make sure to like the video comment, the hidden camera down below and be sure to subscribe. Step number one. So step number one, I want you to come on to lady and that or gee, now, guys, ladies, methodology is going to be the website there we’re going to be using for this particular method. So what is Lady Solarium is basically a freelancing platform through which freelancers can get jobs and people who want a specific tasks done can get those tasks done with this website. So basically, you can work as a freelancer on this website and you can do different things for different people and earn money. Now, guys, you all must be aware of this. And guys, you all must have heard of Firer.

I mean, this is very, very similar to fibre, but as compared to fight where you need to have like a skill or like any previous experience at all, you can do this literally as a beginner and start to make money. So guys are there in all sorts of cryptocurrency. So like to have Ethereum, they have Bitcoin, they have a finance, they have Darkcoin as well. So like the catch over here is that this website pays you in the form of crypto currencies. They don’t pay out in the form of cash or some of the credits of any sort. They pay out in the form of a crypto currencies. So that means that you can own Bitcoin or you can own basically any currency that you want.

So that means that you can earn tedium or basically any currency that you want, whichever currency you like. You can own that from this website. So how does it work? So like this is for a decline. So so if we just scroll down, we can see all the different features that they have and how much they are paying for specific things. So over here we can see that they have a multiple project categories now because I’m going to show you a category which doesn’t require any skill or any experience. But if you do happen to have any skills, well, then you can definitely earn from those skills as well. It is all up to you how you want to maximize your time. So, guys, at the bottom, we have work as a freelancer. I’m simply going to click on it and then that will take me to the registration page.

So over here, simply put, in your email, after that, put in your username, your password, and you are all said good step number one, which was basically to sign up on Ladenburg. And now we’re going to jump in to start number two. Once you have signed up successfully, that number two. So step number two, once you have signed up successfully, you will be able to see this dashboard in front of you. So over here, they have some of their more important points highlighted over here, like law project fees and like how you can verify your account and how you can get more work. And over here, they also have. And how do I get verified? So guys like you don’t need to get verified to work on this part. From Salik over here, if you click on freelancer plans, we can see like all the plans that they have. So firstly they have a free plan, then they have a twelve dollar plan, then they have a nine dollar plan. So they also have the get verified over here and then they also have the Lariam pro. So guys like the premium, the plan, the more better it is, but you can get it right away with the free plan as well. It is a not a problem at all. It’s OK, guys. What I want you to do now is that simply hover your mouse over the four freelancers section and then click on projects I’m working on. Now, that will take you to all the projects that you have active right now. So like right now you don’t have any. But sooner you will have a lot of projects and you need to know where they all are. So they all will be here and you can simply go through them easily one by one, however you want to. So like it.

Now, what I want you to do is that simply go to browse and now you will be able to see all the products that are available. So over here we can see that people are paying quite a lot of money for doing some very basic tasks. So this program is looking for a new logo and they will pay you one hundred five hundred dollars for it. And then we have a sales funnel Web site edit needed and they are going to pay you two hundred to two hundred and seventy five dollars for it. And then you also have a 500 to 600 owner budget, a client which only needs you to video assets plus ongoing. So like all these people really want to like get Bogdana and they are paying quite a handsome amount for it. So if we just Google down, we can see that the rate only goes higher. But for. All these services require some kind of a skill.

So you guys can’t do this right now, but what you can do is that simply go over here on the left side and then click on usability testing. Now, once you click on usability testing, it will take you to another page. Now, over here on this page, you can see many different jobs and many different fields. So like over here, we have the first one paying us 10 to 11 dollars for just this thing on a new calendared notification set up. Then we have a job, which is going to be about ten dollars for just registering, confirming our login. And then after that, just using the app for one hour. And then we have a download app test.

And like these are all basic tasks that anybody can do. So in general, what you will be doing is that you will be testing out different apps, testing of new services and testing out like a new applications that people are working on to make sure that they don’t have any bugs in them. So, like, this is going to be an ongoing gig for you because thousands and thousands of new applications are being made every single month. So guys like over here, we have adding two to three testers for 20 hour testing contract. So, like, they’re going to pay you two hundred for two hundred and seventy five dollars for it. So we’re going to open this up so that I can show you as to how applying on job works. So I open this up and then at the top I can see the title and then at the right side I can see the project budget.

So a good practice is that you should stay under the budget offer clean but never underpaid. So like, for example, the client has a budget of two hundred and twenty five for two hundred and seventy five dollars. Well then what you should do here is that you should bid something like two hundred and sixty dollars because that is going to be a sweet bit and that is going to show the client that you actually know how much your voice is and for how much you can get this project done in. So like before you bid, it is always a good thing to read through all the instructions that the client has put over here. So like the client is saying that you need to have prior proven experience. And then also a contract is for 20 hours of testing has been provided and all these good things are.

So you basically have to read through all of them. And then oftentimes, once you have read through them, just simply placed your bid over here and then after that, simply typed in a message saying like, hi, I am interested in this job. So like, if you need a good Q A, well, then I am definitely the person for it. Now, what that is going to do is that that is going to let the person who is reading your job application know that you are the real deal and that you can definitely do this job now. You can do this for all of these jobs. And then over here you can see which payment method they support. So, like over here, we can see that we have some jobs paying as Bitcoin. We have some jobs paying us work, and then we have some jobs paying us a simple dollar. So guys like that doesn’t matter a lot because all your earnings are going to be stored in this wallet up top. So once I click on Wallet, it will take me to another page. Now, from over here, I can see my total balance. And how much earnings do I have in, like, all these different currencies? So, like, here’s the price of all these currencies right now. And then over here, I will be able to see how much money do I have. So guys like it doesn’t matter which currency they pay in, because once you have the currency over here, you can simply deposited into your account and you will be all done as well because guys like honestly at the end, what you need is cash in your pockets. I like this website is definitely going to do that. So you don’t have to worry about anything because everything is already accomplished over here. All that you need to worry about is simply like getting the time and the consistency to apply to different jobs on this website. So like once you come onto this website and you have gone through all the jobs to simply keep on scrolling down and you will find a lot a lot more jobs, because the more jobs you bet on, the higher the chance you will have fun actually getting a good job. So like guys make sure to bid as much as you can and that would maximize your earning potential with this particular bobsled. So, guys, this was the video. If this video helped you out, make sure to smash that like button subscribe and I will catch you guys in the next video. So then take care and good bye.


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