A symbolic, warm welcome to my trip today, I’m going to show you how to on this geoducks on a solid for doing nothing and also free. So the risk of this video was this video, and I will explain it step by step. And I’m going to draw districts on my doctorate in this Pedialyte. So you must watch this video full. First, you need to open your browser, then you’ll find a link on this feature description box. Copy that link and picture. Then you will race on this website to join this website and create an account for creating a new account. And it’ll give your mobile number then login password, this logging password use for logging in the site. Then you need to give your secret to protect the secret password will need to do need for withdrawal from the site. So make sure you remember this secret deposit, then you need to fill out this address and don’t. It is this is quite good because if you have if you use this in court, you can’t get this.

I don’t I’m going to fill up all of this as a deck. When you fill up all of this, then simply click on this button. Then you can see succeed. Now click on this button, it will redirect on this upset index tab. This tab will see if you have any problem you could read. It could contract with this website officially struck with your kilogramme group, Tillicum Channel. And also you can see the account entries. So if you have any questions or any problem with this site, you can contract with oculist up on this object. Next will see in this website you have two accounts, one account, wallet account and the other account is promotion account and the rules of the wallet, account and promotion. Don’t read all of this then close. And here you can see you’ll receive two clicks instantly when you create a new account on this object. Now you’re going to see that deposit button with your option then. Sure. Option team and the logout option. First, I’m going to deposit on the site for deposit in the site. Click on this deposit button, then you will see this address for deposit B, this address.

Please don’t us other non-cash assets. It will be recorded about five to 10 minutes after resetting, so you need to wait for five to 10 years to complete this, says Dirac’s in this. I have copied this address for deposit. Now I’m going to open my trust wallet to consider a option. First, the copy to address. Now, under the amount of that that you want to deposit. I’m going to deposit into your ex, then continue. Now, here you can see the send button click on this. Now my deposit is complete. Please send it and Linda back on that a. This is. It will take five to 10 minutes late, so it might be positive, successful. I have deposit insurance that you can see here and in this whole plumpish deposit amount is added with my fee Gierek. Now, I’m going to withdraw these jerks from the site and see the withdrawal button.

Click on this. In this election, you can see the vote and the promotion. So the battleground is a daily withdrawal limit is zero point zero and the promotional account is very limited, which is unlimited. I have got it in my background, so I’m going to withdraw from my background. So you need to keep the amount that you want to withdraw. Then it would off the address for receive this, which I won’t go back to, and copy this Durex address for recip this withdrawal amount, then give your TRF address, have them give you a security password. Now, simply click on this button with your successful. They can see it give this direction instantly, I can see that you can see I received that direct from the fight instantly and I received the PUREX from my best background. And I can see that it has delivered your image, but you will have another account on the site, that promotional account and this account has no direct link. So you can withdraw unlimited from this commercial account. And also you could earn free Dyadic from this commercial. I can’t go on this Durex with permission. I don’t need to copy your refolding forget. Get your click on this button, then you will get your copy and share it with your friends and your friends and give their account. You will start on Garrick’s from this promotion. I don’t want to make sure that if you want to withdraw direct from this site, you must deposit Durex first. Otherwise you can’t withdraw from the site or aren’t hearing from your promotional account. Thank you for watching our my and sister on the site and give your account as fast as it can.


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