Hello, guys, welcome back to Krypto Atropos. Today, I’ll be showing you guys how you can and free unlimited phone deal on your phone. And I’m sorry, guys, I apologize for not including the news lately because I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff, so I’m sorry. Go ahead. And before I get started, if you need my channel, please subscribe and hit the ball icon to online notification to receive notifications whenever I drop a new video on You Tube. So I drop what I do is I go out there to find little ways to make money online and adrup tokens also bring to you how you can claim free crypto currencies online. So to check out my previous videos on how you can claim free cryptocurrency and other tokens to make sure you check out my just so to get started, I would drop him the link to the website in the comments section, in the description below doesn’t description section below. So all you have to do is click on the website.

And yes, I would direct you to page like this. Where you supposed to register. So to register, all you have to do is you click on yesterday or you can come over here and just pastes virtual wallet, address and password. So what you do is you go back to your homepage to copy your wallet address if you’re using wallet and just open your wallet and come over to your tranh and copy. OK, and if you’re using. I’m channeling he’s also talking about your funding and copy your wallet address. OK, so for this video of using trolling so you can here in your wallet address, then you create a password. So after creating a password, you click on login as you click on click to login, account does not exist.

So before we started, you see, I don’t have an account yet, so I need to register. So to register you click on get started now click you know and get started. Oh so come over here and click on register the register here at the top right corner. So to register it, just click on register and you’re going to be like the social register does need to put in your details username as a group to urge over your wallet. I don’t have the capacity to adjust my wallet address then your email address, your email address. Just for the sake of this video, this email address and your password, you create a password and you click on register, click on register username showed me all your control alphanumeric characters. So you move the speech between this. OK, so register, go register with vote and to that all as you can see this after you’ve registered to bring you to your dashboard. So this is what the dashboard looks like. You can see just already started mine and so on this website combined for free. And and you come out for free to an unlimited troll, and if you want us using the free plan, if you want, you go also mine by depositing on the Web site, you know, to encourage more, you go to the polls, you know, websites go reinvests those with what you’ve already and you’ve already my going to invest it on to Enmore. You come with joy to either a wallet or traveling wallet or any other wallet to go. So you click click on Didge lives here in Sri Lanka to see more options you have on you website.

So obviously, you know, you bring to people like this to under bouncing ball. This is where you do to complete the task to end motion. Well, you can see by making a video about the website or YouTube and you can get up to 25 to 1000 trun for free or you have to do is you come over here after making the video, you paste your video, you are it and that, or you can just roll up to about 25 to 1000 phones for free. And going back to the page, you go through the opposite year window to push it. That’s where you can deposit what does for an investor to buy an investment. Blood glucose you I is in a free plan, replaster or kybosh. You want to end faster and more. You can deposit, you know, juda you and more to Underwager, this is where you can withdraw your balance natural’s.

You need to balance those Ruriko withdrawal plan at the minimum wage war on the Web site is 50 years after you’ve made like 50 drones over here to withdraw it to your wallet to and less than transactions. This is where you see the transactions you’ve done. As I said, I deposited I have you draw this the green one to the green ones where you see your deposit transactions. Right? Once we see the drug transaction and the yellow one is where you see your investment transaction. OK, so affiliates, affiliate, this is where you can end more by sharing your referral link with friends and family to share your referral link you get is the only chance to earn more commission ads from their online process and changsu and more commission. I think that’s basically all about the Web site. So all you have to do now is just go over to discussion section, click on the Web site, register and start mining. So with this, I think this brings us to the end of the video. If you knew to my channel, please come over to click to Air Joppa and subscribe and hit the bill ID to receive a dollar, an invitation to receive notification of a job in new video. And make sure you check out my previous videos to claim you’re free to close down and legit ways to make money online. So stay tuned and thank you. Bye. And before Folgate, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop it in comments section below by.


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