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If you hold a VeChain Vechain Cryptocurrency


If you hold Vijayan, you should know these things. Hello, guys, welcome back to the Krypto Diary. In this video, you will learn about the fundamentals of one of the hottest old coins out there. Vijayan A lot of people invest in digital currencies without the basic knowledge of how these assets work. They don’t know how their value is driven or some other simple stuff like where the project is domiciled. Maybe I should start from there. Feed China’s domiciled in China and it’s one of the few crypto platforms that the Chinese government has allowed to operate. The network has an insane range of possibilities when it comes to use cases.

We’ve seen the Vijayan Tech improve innovations across multiple industries across the world. This is part of why it’s popular among crypto investors. The crypto sits at number 23 on the market log, where the trading volume of one billion dollars at a market cap of five billion easily. Vijayan is one of the most profitable investments under one dollar. I’ll show you why shortly. Touted as a theory of Slayer or the future theory, a movie chain appears to have everything going well for it. But if you consider those claims as a stretch, there’s one thing that is hard to deny. This crypto has the potential to replace the market’s second biggest crypto on several fronts, including smart contract compatibility. The Vijayan platform has two different tokens Vijayan, Tolkan, That and Vicenzo energy.

So while that is used to transfer value across the network was used as energy or what they call gas to power smart contract transactions. What the chain does, it is a block chain platform that is designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes. The platform’s goal is to streamline these processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of distributed ledger technology.

It’s a block chain created to determine if a real time product is safe for use or from fraud. Vijayan is the perfect tracker for the supply of any item from physical assets to cryptos. The network assigns unique codes to every item and uses a sensor to monitor every activity in the supply chain at every stop. With this, manufacturers and companies can be assured that their product is in safe hands. It is important to note that the chain has three components the cryptocurrency, the platform and the real world technology. The chain as a cryptocurrency.

Do you know that Vijayan used the issue then as its token when it was on the Etherial Network AC twenty before it deployed its own network in 2018? After the platform’s launch, it came with a new token, the VAT, which served as a payment used on the network. One of the benefits of holding VAT is that the more an investor or an institution hold, the more resources they are opened up to on the VHA network. So to enjoy these resources, it is advisable to buy its token. Another thing you should understand about Vijayan is that it can also be used to generate another second token known as VTI. As earlier said, this token can be used to gain access to supply chain technology.

Therefore, if you want to use Vijayan tracking services, you will have to pay with the token to enable the tracking assistance and add more helpful information on the block chain history of the chain. As I mentioned earlier, the chain used to be on the aquarium network before it launched on its own network in 2018, but it was developed in 2015 by Sonny LEU. The following year, the V chain zero point one version was launched and it saw the growth of the network across the Internet. In 2017, a major event happened in the platforms. Short History partnered with V Chain as an incubation program, and in the same year the Vijayan Foundation was launched, it could have become a block chain for all transactions. But the chain adopted some special features in its development, like making that a utility asset that could leverage the adoption rate and the usability index of the vet token and the Vijayan platform at large.

The platform rebranded from Van to vet in 2018, the mobile wallet and main net were also launched that year. All these made it fully functional, according to the roadmap, Vane’s consensus protocol, bitcoin and a theory of use, the proof of work consensus protocol. Unlike the chain that uses proof of authority and the approval of transactions, POWA doesn’t involve all the puzzle cracking stuff to be performed by validators. Each validator uses computer software that validates every transaction. A new adoption’s in the system.

Therefore, the transactions are performed using PWA, which is faster than O.W. and POS protocols. Essentially, all block chain platforms have a consensus protocol at the core of the TAC Vijayan plans to launch PWA 2.0 and a recent development, the vein Pathway 2.0 roadmap has been announced. It is an upgrade on the consensus platform that will help the networks block chain in terms of better safety, scalability and absolute finality, according to the words of the Vijayan Foundation. With the implementation of this upgrade, Vijayan hopes to push the global and massive adoption of its public block chain. What is POWA 2.0? Powar is a proof of authority, consensus protocol and is said to be the much more superior protocol to both proof of work and proof of stake. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are using proof of work, which is based on computational power provided by so-called Meiners to keep the platform running. These miners essentially are updating the ledger by confirming transactions and producing the next blocks in the block chain. And there is proof of stake which we’re seeing in platforms like Cardno, Teather, Polygon and so on, where people are staking their coins to do the same things as previously mentioned, to keep the block chain running, POWA 2.0 will increase feed chain transactions per second.

I make it impossible for its block chain to fork this will at a critical degree of network security. That usually keeps enterprise players at bay. Let’s talk about Vange derivative second Tolkan, the Vijayan Thor Energy is known to be the fuel for smart contract transactions. But an important fact here is that these vetoes are not present publicly. Developers use them to cover costs for the contract implementation. So ideally, payments are expected to come from developers using block change while uploading contracts. This is a powerful tool in the world of safety because it ensures that only public ready coding reaches the block chain, thereby reducing any spam posts.

The take away point from all this is that the price is very different from the transaction cost. This allows for two mechanisms to keep the transaction costs stable. You should know that the use cases of a specific coin are its major price catalysts. Another one is the networks partnerships. Quality partnerships often drive wider adoption of the project and more transactions involving its tokens.

These are some of the things that decide the value of chain roadmap. The network doesn’t appear to have a definitive roadmap, but in recent interviews by Sonny Liu, the founder offers some clues about what might be in the offing. Having said that, Vijayan is planning to diversify its utility beyond supply chains and experiment with crypto specific niches like Deffeyes and NTIS. It is already doing this, but wants to broaden the range. Mr. Sunee also recently said that it knows the NFTE idea since 2018, but it was until September 2020 before the network started to declare its interest to the crypto community. If anything, the chain has shown that to achieve great things, ideation is important. But quality execution is everything, even if it will take time for price. Analysis so far has gone up by more than 50 times since the start of the year. And this is an extremely bullish indicator for Vijayan as a whole. This is because VTI was used as gas on the Vijayan block chain. If the VHI is increasing, it means that people and institutions are actually using Vijayan. Either that or there is a very rich investor also known as a whale with very deep pockets who are buying up all of. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. According to the rich list is a smaller market capitalization and that therefore it might find it difficult to move up on the market long after its recent pump. This is because there was no maximum supply and there was a constant wall of social pressure coming from the VCI nodes who are earning mistakingly rewards and selling them for profit. These nodes may be Hotaling for the time being because of price action, but this could change very quickly if a psychological target is met or the price starts to fall. On that note, my technical analysis tells me that we might be on the verge of a brick break up of I can’t say for certain because what I see is a symmetrical triangle that can break to the downside or the upside. If it breaks to the upside, we could see go as high as three cents, which would be two times from its current price at the time of shooting. Conversely, a break to the downside was a serious fall back to a strong zone of around the half cent mark that previously served as a resistance in February and March. Some use cases of chain tracking products that are essential in the global community.

Why? Because items are now often not created from just one location. They are made in different parts of the world. The chain offers the infrastructure foundations for all of this. But this isn’t the only utility for the network. V chain solutions are already employed in popular companies to prevent fraud in the management of supply. Online sellers can also track their items safely and easily. Even insurance companies can use the V chain network in knowing if a payment claim exists. Rano, the French automobile company, is using V Change platform to verify data like meter readings and maintenance. In addition, we’ve been seeing the combination of block chain, NFC, RFID and QR and improving solutions across the board. The change tokens are what makes all this happen. In conclusion, the Vein Project is one of the few enterprise oriented cryptos that has caught my attention. It has managed to enchant both institutions and individuals to help build its dream of a genuinely transparent economy. Vijayan is an already super project when it comes to supply chain management. It has also delved into crypto niches like notes and device. But not everyone is impressed with this. Some experts think that the platform is trying too hard to drive its adoption by delving into areas it wasn’t built to venture in. However, the vein community keeps swelling. That means there is no shortage of believers supporting the network. In fact, both that and have had positive price actions. It’s just impossible not to back them. That’s it, guys. I hope you now have a better knowledge of how the chain works.



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