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Mine 1 Bitcoin in 45 minutes – Free Bitcoin Mining Website 2021


Just come over to this Web site, click a few buttons, follow my instructions carefully, and you will be able to make Bitcoins in less than 30 minutes. Hey, guys, what is up? I hope you’re having a great day in this video. I’m going to show you how you can buy one Bitcoin in 45 minutes and you’re only going to need your computer and your Internet connection. The amazing thing about this method is that it works for flight and Israeli defense. So it’s going to work through 2021 as low, low skill. No experience is needed, only your computer and a little bit of your time or all the things that you use. So goes without any further ado. Let’s get on with the video.Speaker

If you’re watching this, then you have to know we’re doing a brand new giveaway on our channel. We’re going to be giving away the new iPhone Tosspot Macs, part of the MacBook Pro. It is your choice to watch the video completely and make sure to like the video comment, the hidden keyword down below and be sure to subscribe.Speaker 100:00:50Step number one. So step number one, I want you guys to come over to Bitcoin. Big Bitcoin Dog is a very popular and an amazing website that is used to manage your crypto currencies and your cryptocurrency wallet. And that is exactly why we’re here. Now, once you come over to this website, you’re going to see three options in front of you. We’re going to choose this middle one right here, which is going to allow us to make our own Bitcoin wallet, which is the main reason why we’re on this website. So what I want you guys to do is click on this option right here and the webpage will look something like this down below.

You can see there is a helper section over here what this basically means. This site has made a list of questions that will help us find the appropriate wallet that is going to meet our needs. So what I want you guys to do next is click on the next option right here. Once you click on it, you can see all these questions right here. There are about four questions in total. The first question is about your operating system, which basically means that this website is going to ask you which operating system you guys use. It can either be smartphones or a desktop or even a hard wallet. Now, for me personally, guys, I’m using Windows, so I’m going to select this option right here.

Number two, how much do you know about Bitcoin? Once you’ve selected your preferable answer to the question, you can simply click on the next button right here and it will move you onto the next question. Question number two is how much do you know about Bitcoin? No, guys, I’m not an experienced person or anything, so I’m fairly new to this game. So I’m going to click on the new option right here. Now, as you can see, guys, they’ve given me a few options depending upon the answers of my previous questions, which means they’ve given me control, transparency and fees now control. It basically allows us to have full control over our bitcoins. This means that no third party can freeze or take away your funds. However, you are still responsible for securing or backing up your wallet, though.

So I do want full control over my funds. So I’m going to take this option right here and I’m also going to select this option right here, which basically allows us to control fees that are usually paid during making a transition or modifying it afterwards. So ensure that our transactions are confirmed in a timely manner without paying more than you really have to. So that sounds pretty good to me. So I’m going to select that option as well once you’ve selected the options that you desire to click on next. And now it is time for the final question. What features are you looking for? You’ve got all these options. And as I said, I’m not an expert when it comes to Bitcoins, so I don’t know what half of these actually means. So if you guys know what all these options means, then by means you can go ahead and select whichever one you want. But for me, I’d like to keep things simple. So I’m going to select the two, which basically is a way to add additional security over your wallet. This means that whenever someone tries to access your wallet, you receive a passcode or a notification that will be telling you that someone is trying to access the device.

And it will also send a code to your phone. And if you do not enter that code, then you cannot log in into your cryptocurrency wallet. So which is a very good because you have to keep your wallet secure. And having a two factor authentication security method is really helpful. So once we’ve selected all the options right here, we’re going to click on Next Norgay’s. As you can see, depending upon my answers, the website has given me Electrum. No, Electrum is a very nice cryptocurrency wallet. Now, when you reached this point, I want you guys to click on Electrum and the page will look something like this. They’re going to give you a brief introduction over all the things that it’s known for. So if you want to read all these, feel free to read it and I have more information on it. We already know what all of these have these things mean because we’ve already selected all of them. So when you’re done with this page, you can click on this option right here on the left hand side, which basically says visit website. When you click on this option, it is going to take you to Electron’s website from where you can download Electrum sign up and you can receive your own cryptocurrency wallet address next. And most important step in this video, which is going over to Bitcoin live DOT app. Now, Bitcoin Lindborg app is a website from which you can earn many, many bitcoins by completing mini tasks such as surveys or watching videos. Once you’ve arrived here, guys, what I want you guys to do is click.

On start and you will start earning money before we go to that, I do have to point out that they have a really nice affiliate program. So as you can see on the top, once you click on the affiliate, you will see your affiliation link. And as you can see, you have your affiliate link over right over here. Now, for those of you wondering what is an affiliate marketing? Basically, it is a referral program in which you share this link to your friends and family members or people on social media or online. What this basically does is that they take them back to this site over here. And if they sign up on this website and start to earn money, then then you will earn 70 percent of what each person has made who has signed up on this website using this link that you shared them with? No, guys, I’m sure your money. How do you sign up on this website? Well, to sign up on this website, you have to go over to the pricing page. So I want you guys to click on pricing tab on top over here on the top bar over here. So once you click on it, you will see that you have three options right in front of you.

Now, I do have to say that in order for you to sign up on this website, you have to pay a little bit of fee. That’s right. You have to pay a small amount of money to be able to use this website. But in my opinion, that small fee is very, very small compared to the profits that you are going to be making from this website. So you basically have three subscriptions in front of you. The first one is daily cryptochrome, which you can earn up to zero point one to zero point two bitcoins every day. And I mean every day, not night. You only have to work on the day. It has a specific time, which I would not recommend doing because you would have to buy a subscription every day in order for you to use it. So I would not recommend using it because it is a lot of time consuming and it cost a lot more in the long run compared to as the other two options. And option number two, we have the weekly crypto key. Now, as you can see in this subscription, and you can earn anywhere between zero point three to zero point nine Bitcoins every single week, which is really, really amazing.

Now, this is a little bit more expensive than the first one, but not a whole lot. But it is much, much better than the first one. Instead of having to buy the subscription every single day, you buy it for a week, you use it 24/7, day in and day out. Doesn’t really matter as long as you’re using it. I also would recommend it, since you also have to buy it every single week. It is less cheaper than the first one in the long run, but it is more expensive than the third subscription option we have over here. So in the third subscription option, we have monthly crypto key, which I would recommend because you buy it for a whole month and then you can earn up to one to three bitcoins every single day, which is pretty crazy considering how much money does it cause. It costs pennies and making hundreds and thousands of dollars by giving away pennies, which in my opinion, really, really amazing. I would recommend you guys using the monthly crypto key subscription because it is much, much more beneficial than the other two soldiers. Once you bought the subscription that is most suitable for you, I want you guys to link your cryptocurrency wallet onto this website, and that will be it. And with that being said, guys, I do want to thank you guys for watching this video. And I would also like to hit the like button, subscribe to our channel, also share this video so other people, so that they can also watch this and start earning Bitcoin and they can also reap the rewards. So, guys, with that being said, I will catch you guys in the next video and until next time, goodbye.



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