Mining bitcoin from your device Just simply download their application, then start collecting your crypto oil in passive income without doing absolutely anything. Hey, guys, what is up? How’s it going? I hope you guys are doing absolutely amazing guys in this video. I’m going to be showing some applications that are going to pay you two thousand seven hundred dollars for mining Bitcoin on your PC.

Slice my phone and to anyone. And you don’t need any skill, experience or fancy equipment whatsoever to get started. But a small disclaimer before we go into the video that the following video is going to be a step by step manner. So make sure not to skip any step in this video and without wasting any more time. Let’s jump into app number one, app number one sort app number one. We have a mine pie dotcom com mine by dot com is going to be the application that you’re going to be using for this particular method. Now, what is mine by now is mine.


Mining bitcoin from your device

Pie is basically known as the Pie Network, and I’m sure most of y’all will have seen this application already in your phone or maybe some of your friends will be like forwarding the referral link to work. This is completely new and not a lot of people actually know about this. Only a handful of people have actually dived into it. Now, you can start owning cryptocurrency today with their free energy light mobile app. 

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No mining crypto is high, as we all know and like to mine Bitcoin, you need approximately like, you know, like thousands of dollars worth of computers to even mine. A point percent of crypto to even my zero point one Bitcoin. Now, investing in crypto is risky because the prices go up and down so much. The market is so volatile. Honestly, you can lose all your investment in the blink of an eye, not.

Mining bitcoin from your device

Thirdly, too many of us are left out of the cryptocurrency revolution. No pie makes cryptocurrency mining a very, very easy breakthrough. Tech allows you to mine on your phone without draining your battery. So ostensibly what is happening is that you are actually mining crypto using your phone.

It is very, very easy. You don’t even need to have a fast mobile phone. You can simply download the application and then after that is thighed mining crypto. Now, after that, simply scroll down and then after that, simply take a look over here. Now, they are secure, immutable, non counterfeited and also interoperable digital money.

Mining bitcoin from your device

Secondly, the work on your mobile phone and this does not drain your battery. Thirdly, they’re easy to use the security at scale and without the massive electrical work, because when you’re mining crypto are like Bitcoin, you need big farms like big mining farms. And then once you have those farms up and running, you are literally consuming megawatts of energy every single day.

And that results in the form of the ozone layer being damaged at a very fast pace. So like this allocation also eliminates it that now it’s going down even further, that you can like download the mobile app and then after that as simply like a run in on your app store or on your Google Play store. So I guess that is how this application works. You can get it on both App Store and also on the Google Play store. So this was happening one.

Mining bitcoin from your device

And now we’re going to jump into app number two, abnormal to sort of number two. We have ten record that. So guys want to come on to turn the call dotcom. They’re basically a startup that specializes in the execution of smart contracts. And for those of you who don’t know what smart contracts are, smart contracts are basically a way of ensuring transactions happen securely on the block chain. So like that is what basically a smart contracts do. And they also specialize in the production of DAPs are basically decentralized applications.

So once you understand there’s a simply hover your mouse over the product section and then from over here, click on your core hub. Now once you click there, it is going to take you over to another page over here on this page. You can see this dashboard in front of you and over here they are welcoming you to the gateway to cryptocurrency, and that’s in the core block chain. Now, here are some features. So the first feature is that they are easy to use. You can simply sign in with Google, Facebook or WeChat and you can access your crypto assets and explore decentralized applications. Secondly, you can experience the decentralized web.

Mining bitcoin from your device

A full browser gives access to the decentralized web on a mobile device. All of the latest apps are available through a beautiful user interface. Basically, they are going to be giving you a browser as well, which you can use to basically browse the web in a decentralized manner. And basically what that means is that nobody will be tracking you and you will be all anonymous. Thirdly, they are robust and fully featured. Now they have features like QR scanners, scanning transaction histories, encrypted transfers, and also asset storage provides all of the requirements needed for a newcomer enter the DSP. So all in all, their application is absolutely amazing.

So like the summary of all these features and also the smart contract that I was talking about, so goes scrolling even further here. We have some screenshots of the application and then you can simply like get their application on the App Store or on the Google Play store, whichever you prefer. I would personally prefer going for the IOC version because they are usually more stable. But still, if you have an Android phone, the Android phone works magically as well. And they also have an.

which you can definitely watch it if you need any more answers. OK, this was at number two and now we’re going to jump into app number three, app number three. So it app number three, we have a nickname, a dotcom Norgay’s, a nickname.

Mining bitcoin from your device

Dotcom is basically another application that is going to help your mind crypto on your mobile phone. They are basically a block chain, a mobile network for decentralized applications. And they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a part of the block chain revolution. Currently, they are creating a decentralized ecosystem, able to bring the blocks in and crypto currencies to the real main stream. So they have a very nice plan.

And whenever a crypto project has a nice plan, well, then, guys, that project is bound to succeed in the long run. They have been featured on some of these are top names like AI, Capital, Fussin, My Wish, Bitcoin, and also Shappi as well. And then scrolling down, we can even see that they are talking. Value is created by miners and they have a lot of miners right now. So what do they provide? They provide an extremely decentralized network for all the crypto users out there. This is easy. Join is the own. And thirdly, daps, a Web 3.0 ecosystem. So from over here, you can basically, you know, get an estimate as to how much money you can make annually in the form of just return. So simply downloaded application by some of their coins.

If you want to simply mine the coins and you can even use your own Voletta as well to store all your crypto earnings now. Well, here you can see all the stats that they have selected basically have a more than twenty three thousand accounts and more than sixteen hundred nodes.

Mining bitcoin from your device

So guys like that is absolutely amazing and that really ensures that, like, they’re actually working. So I think that this is absolutely amazing. If you ask me and now here are some exchanges that are working with this particular application right now. We have cocoa nuggets. Kilcoyne is a big exchange. So, of course, the value is going to be high. Now, after that, we even have some more features added over here. But on in all, just simply gather Android minor and start mining and come up number for sort of number four. We have maybe a now guys maybe token.

So it’s basically an exchange that is also a minor. Now, they serve two purposes. Let’s say you have Bitcoin and you want to convert it into Ethereum. Well, then you can use the exchange to like basically convert our crypto to another crypto. Now, similarly, you can download their minor and you can mine any crypto that you want. Now, I would prefer mine encrypt those that are not very high in value because they don’t require a lot of power.

But once the crypto goes high in value and then after that they require a lot of power. Now, scrolling down over here, we can see some of the special features that they have, smartphone mining that doesn’t require special equipment.

Mining bitcoin from your device

Basically, you’re not in any GPU or anything else other than your phone mining that can be used to be monopolized by a certain country or an enterprise is now open to everyone. To join Thurley ecofriendly, low power based mining that solves excess power consumption problem voyle maintaining the existing costly blocks in effort with minimum fee.

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So like guys, all these four features are very, very essential in the scalability of crypto.  honestly, this is absolutely amazing. and what I want you to do is simply like get their application and then offer that Stahmann Crypto onto your phone. this was the video. And if this video helped me, I would make sure to smash that like button subscribe and I’m going to get your keys in the next video. Didn’t take care and good bye.


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