Welcome back to the show, everyone. My name is Josh, and right now Bitcoin has actually found resistance along the exact level of resistance that I was talking about yesterday on the channel when we were bouncing along in this Fibonacci level, I will actually be sharing some important levels to pay attention to and my Bitcoin strategy moving forward. So make sure you’re watching this video for Bitcoin holders out there. And if that sounds good, too, just before we jump into it, make sure to drop it like on the video down below. If you’re new to the channel, might as well subscribe to the channel notifications turned on. It is completely free to do that. And you’re going to be getting these updates every single day on the channel. And also, if you’re enjoying these updates every day here on the channel, make sure to share them around with your friends, because right now we are actually in an amazing opportunity.

I’m not just saying that seriously right now. We have obviously experienced a massive crash around two to three months ago. We’ve been in quite a boring time period in the markets. And seriously, this is the time to get involved into crypto, not when everything is euphoric up here at all time, high levels. That is when we are at highest risk of a crash because obviously everyone is looking bullish. But right now, considering the fact that we have been in more of a bearish time, there’s never actually been a better time to stay active in these markets. But with that Alloway, let’s get straight into what this video is about. So right here on the Bitcoin for our time frame. And once again, I was discussing in yesterday’s video that we were actually seeing a bounce off of the thirty eight point two percent Fibonacci level. Quickly bring that out once again. As you can see just here, the thirty eight point two percent Fibonacci level is currently coming in at roughly around thirty seven and a half thousand US dollars. And of course, we did see a nice little bounce along that exact level over the past one to two days just here. And we did actually come back up to this exact point of resistance I was talking about yesterday. Once again, if you simply watched yesterday’s video, I mentioned that to the upside. If we get this bounce just here, our first major level of resistance is simply the bottom of this red zone right here coming in at exactly forty thousand U.S. dollars.

So this has been confirmed yet again as resistance once again. So this is still a really important range for Bitcoin. And while Bitcoin is still below that range, technically speaking, we’re not overly bullish just yet. I would flip much more bullish if Bitcoin can get a confirmed break above forty two to forty three thousand dollars. I’m talking like DailyCandy closes major spikes in volume and preferably and retest of that level just there and confirm forty two as support. Once again, if we see something like that play out then I would actually flip really bullish on bitcoin. But as of right now we’re simply not seeing that just yet. And once again, when we’re seeing lower lows and lower highs, technically speaking, that does actually mean we’re in a short term downtrend. But when you actually taking a look at the specific lines right here, it does actually look like we could potentially be forming something like a falling wedge pattern, as you could see just here. And a falling wedge pattern, historically speaking, is a bullish pattern. So it is more likely to break out to the upside. Now, right now, this isn’t exactly confirmed because preferably I’d like to see three touch points along both lines. So right now, we do actually have three touch points along the line of support just here.

The bottom line, but the line of resistance, we have only seen two touch points along that line. So that line isn’t necessarily confirmed to be in that specific place because once again, to touch points along the line isn’t really enough to call that a significant line. So if we can actually get some sort of bounce here and come back up to this line, which is coming in at roughly around thirty nine thousand dollars and get a rejection along that level, then that they would basically confirm that we are in a short term forming wedge pattern just here, which once again, technically speaking, is a bullish pattern. So roughly around 70 percent of the time, this type of pattern breaks out to the upside roughly around 30 percent of the time and breaks to the downside. So if you do actually break this resistance here, which once again is coming in at roughly around thirty nine thousand US dollars, but preferably if we can break that forty K level, then the typical price target is simply the top of the wedge to the top of this red zone coming in at roughly around forty two. So that’s a nice little trade to take there if we see a confirmed break above the resistance first, obviously, because once again some continued short term downside protection is not out of the picture just yet. It is totally possible to happen. But in that case, we do have strong supports coming in at this horizontal lines here, which is, by the way, at around thirty six and a half thousand dollars.

Anything below that level, I would actually be targeting towards thirty four and a half thousand U.S. dollars as our next major level of support after thirty six and a half thousand, if of course we break thirty six thousand dollars first. Once again, there is strong support coming in at around thirty four to thirty four and a half because that is the golden pocket, the sixty one point eight percent Fibonacci level, the most important Fibonacci level for Bitcoin. Now Bitcoin does not have to drop that load, but if Bitcoin does drop that low, I myself will be accumulating more Bitcoin in that range.

Just that if I didn’t accumulate Bitcoin at these lower levels towards thirty thousand dollars, then honestly right now, if I was like a new investor, for example, new to Crypto didn’t earn any Bitcoin, I would. B dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin right now with a long term mindset holding for the long term so that if we drop a little bit lower, you’re going to have some cash on the sidelines to put in at those lower prices. And you’re not going to be thinking about panic selling or anything if you’re keeping a long term mindset, because once again, that is, historically speaking, one of the best strategies for the beginners out there. And that is a strategy that I would use myself if I was brand new to the markets. But right now, considering the fact that I did accumulate a lot of Bitcoin towards that thirty thousand dollar low just there and also throughout the last couple of months, just on myself from my position, because, of course, when different positions, I myself would accumulate more Bitcoin if we do actually drop back down towards thirty four to thirty five thousand US dollars. And by the way, for those wondering, another part of my strategy right now is actually to store some of my crypto on my block, my interest account, as you can see just here, because right now this is gaining interest every single day. And already this is actually paid me over a thousand dollars worth of interest just for depositing my crypto and having it sit there. And this is not locked in for any period whatsoever. You can withdraw this at any time during business hours. And once again, I would not be sharing this if I didn’t actually use it myself. But if you want to check it out for yourself, I do actually have a link to it down below the first link in the description. And if you use that link to make an account, you can also get yourself up to two hundred and fifty dollars worth of Bitcoin for free when you’re opening your account, if you’re using the link down below. All you have to do to claim one of those free Bitcoin bonuses is simply just to deposit into the account within the first 30 days of you opening the account.

If you do that, you can claim one of those Bitcoin bonuses. But the bonus that you do receive is relative to how much you actually deposit within that first 30 day time period. So, for example, if you deposit just one hundred dollars worth of crypto, you can get yourself up to a 15 dollar bonus, which is still an immediate 15 percent return on your money. But for those larger deposits, once again, you can get up to two hundred and fifty dollars worth of Bitcoin for free. But you’ll see all of that information anyway if you click the first link down below.

And also, if you want to get these extra Ethereum and Bitcoin updates throughout the day, extra free content. I do actually have this over on my Twitter. The link to my Twitter is in the description down below. If you want to stay updated at all times and get these Real-Time updates in the markets. But anyway, that’s just a bit I have to say for this video. It’s just a quick Bitcoin update. Nothing major has really happened over the past twenty four hours, so I’m not going to drive this video out. But yeah, if you enjoyed the video, make sure to drop a lock on the video down below. Share it with some friends. And if you’re new to the channel, you might as well subscribe to the channel. Notifications turned on for more videos like this one. Honestly appreciate all of the support in the channel at the moment. I can’t thank you guys enough. By the way, if you have any feedback or questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments section down below. But just be careful because in the comments section there are skimmers down there. So if you see any comments down there or a reply to your comment, we’d like a phone number, an email telegram, WhatsApp, anything like that.

I currently do not have a telegram. I currently do not have WhatsApp. I do not share my phone number in the comment section. So sometimes these scammers even go as far as making fake accounts that look like they my profile, but they’re actually not so seriously stay careful in the comments section down below. And just overall, be careful because there’s actually a lot of scams going around, especially with everything moving digital and a lot of other investors entering into crypto. It’s important that you remain cautious at all times. But anyway, I mean, you have to save for this video once again. I really hope you enjoyed it. And I’ll see you in the next video.


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