Your subconscious is vernier back in the trading block with a very hot topic that was think about why crypto is crashing.

I’ve been getting questions about this for the past few weeks, so I had to write to what’s going on first about the recent disassociation.

Advanced crypto is first hand. What Elon Musk is going to stop a set of payments of Bitcoin for the Tesla cars, which is pretty huge because when he did start a set of payments, Bitcoin went on a massive rally.

Then you got China coming in and saying that they’re going to ban cryptocurrency across the board, which is pretty big if going to ban payments of trading. That’s a huge market right there. And on top of that, it was already trading at an all time highs.

You know, and if you don’t know if something is trading at all, time is due for a correction, a pullback, especially if it was up by huge percentages, which you can see here where you got bitcoin was 500 percent for the year at one point in time. Then you had it there, which is a thousand eight hundred forty one percent.

then you have Dogecoin, which is everybody was going crazy about it, which is massive. Twenty three thousand ninety two per cent. Then you have to don another one I like it was a four thousand two hundred eighty six percent and those numbers are pretty crazy for assets within a year it uses as a happened like that. So when you got these cryptos up by that big percentage is due for a pullback. And sometimes when things are too high, people like to collect that money. Like I said in my last article. And, you know, on top of that, cryptocurrency is very volatile. So they have these huge swings up. They can have these huge swings down like we’re seeing now.

You know, I believe in cryptocurrency for the long term, but for right now, you just got to let it keep dropping until it hits the bottom.


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