we are going over my top six all coins cryptocurrency that you need to know right now. Now, this cryptocurrency have just dropped with the rest of the market. However, I feel there are still plenty of room for additional upside. We will start seeing some huge moves from these coins in the next 90 days. So please let me know if there is a coin that you think should be included on this list or if there is a coin that you would like me to discuss down in the comments below. So I want to head and spend the last few days doing as much research as possible so that you don’t have to whether you’re a brand new beginner or an expert in the crypto world, there will be something new and valuable that you’ll learn in today’s article. But before we get started, you’re going to notice a ton of crypto scammers in the comments section. So please remember that the real us will never ask for your number and or to send me an email. The real us will always have their name highlighted. And please make sure to smash the share button.

let’s get started. Now, the first point on my list is going to be Johnny Swan. Now, UNISOM was founded in twenty eighteen and it reached an all time high of forty dollars in late April, twenty twenty one. At the making of this video, the current price is roughly at twenty seven dollars and to swap maybe purchase on a major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Bynum’s and Cracken. Now you to swap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on these two platforms with transaction fees paid in ether. However, because of theory, serious high gas prices, the cost of trading tokens on unit swap have made it incredibly hard for anyone to trade whatever this might change in the near future. As a Thulium has been working on Ethereum 2.0, improvers take technology that will reduce gas prices. Furthermore, there are reports that mining criteria’s are going to be change cutting gas prices, allowing majority of people to utilize swap once more. Now Ubisoft’s Tolkan is the unique token, which would also rise as a result of this increase in usage. There is also an unknown swap app which can solve a variety of tokens, but it does not link to a regular financial network. So you can’t use it to convert to you as the euro or other fiat currencies. However, you can still convert it to some stable coins like Teather now need. Swap also includes its own governance token, which grants you the power to vote on the project’s future direction if you hold it. And many believe it represents the future of all exchanges. The second coin in our list is going to be the chain. Now chain is a block chain and cryptocurrency aimed at helping businesses improve their supply chains and logistics. Beach’s cryptocurrency that since the end of twenty twenty, it has increased by more than nine X in the last four months and it’s currently trading at 12 cents. This is also one of the cryptocurrency that Coinbase does not support yet. But you can buy Veghte on Bynum’s none of the companies currently headquartered in Singapore. And it’s very important to note that the project has partnerships with BMW, Sam’s Club, Walmart, China, among others. And according to their white paper, their primary goal is to improve supply chain management and related business relations. But they also have other use cases, such as food safety, which could lead to a more straightforward and transparent fuel economy, health records and even able to track carbon emissions. Now, the address will market for primary emphasis area may be fairly significant because, according to a report from twenty twenty three hundred billion dollars in food may be monitored and traced on the block chain by twenty twenty seven. We have Wal-Mart and IBM teaming up to build a food trust block chain which will track food supply for nine other food firms and more vet and organization has.

The highest priority is when utilizing beaches resources. Beeching also employs the token to pay for the electricity and energy required to process transactions. Now the vet tokens will become increasingly popular as more organizations begin to use Beeching Block chain to track their supply inventory channels. And for my third corner of the list, it’s going to be a chain link. No link? Nope, not that link link has consistently increased in value from less than a dollar since being launched to about twelve dollars by the end of twenty twenty. It’s value rose in twenty twenty one but has since fallen and then it’s now valued at roughly thirty dollars at the making of this video chain. Link, like a theory is a technology that helps support the whole crypto system rather than a single coin. It’s essentially a network that allows block chains to connect with one another and with non lockshin technology. Now, chain link may also be purchased on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase or Bynum’s. And you may. Is link to pay for network services, Chainlink gives developers a reliable way to connect to and interact with the rest of the world. Now, to be honest, it seems like a theorem is always second to Bitcoin and it will always be in the shadow of Bitcoin because we are always seen the media giving praise to Bitcoin and completely forget about a thing like mine. And we do have to remember that Ethereum does not compete with Bitcoin. Now for a better explanation of what Ethereum is.

Be sure to watch my latest video on theory. But essentially, it’s actually important to remember that many crypto currencies aren’t true currencies in the same way that Bitcoin is. Some, like Ethereum, are one of a kind systems with a currency component. The theory of currency is called ether, and it may be utilized in theory. Based Applications Theorem is the most popular of the smart contract systems. And while Bitcoin was established for a single use case as a store of value, Retallack Budarin established Ethereum in twenty fifteen with greater and broader goals. And he works on a program or block machine, which means that he may execute programs or applications on a decentralized basis on millions of computers at once. This offers up a plethora of potential applications from technology and banking to games and collectibles such as NFTE, making Ethereum an appealing investment to everyone. And I do believe that Ethereum or Ether’s should be in everyone’s portfolio. But that’s just my opinion. It’s also worth mentioning that Ethereum is getting a new version shortly. As mentioned earlier, Ethereum 2.0 will also be 99 percent more ecological friendly than the existing model. Now after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency. However, it has outpaced Bitcoin substantially. And compared to Bitcoin, which has increased over eighty five percent year to date, it is up over two hundred percent in twenty twenty one. Just absolutely insane.

Not a theory also has the ability to power financial contracts and applications and as a result it is more practical than Bitcoin. And we’re also about to see the biggest catalyst in the next 30 to 90 days for Thulium. And that’s the transition to Thorium 2.0, which is going to make ether deflationary, therefore make it more valuable as more people buy ether as it will be a limited supply available just like Bitcoin. But with more use cases. For my fifth coin on the list, it’s going to be polka dots now worth roughly forty one dollars. However, it has just dropped to roughly twenty four dollars as a result of the significant market decline, not polka. DOT aims to connect all major block chains. Many crypto currencies are only tied to one block chain, just like ether to Ethereum. Another example is how some games are limited to one platform like Super Mario or Nintendo. But Polka without, on the other hand, is actually trying to change that, using a concept called S.P.I aiming to be a cross platform game for crypto currencies. Now, polka dots main goal is to bring together block chains into a single network so that they may interact and collaborate. A smart contract event on Ethereum, for example, may trigger a payment on the Bitcoin block chain, which will be labeled as a see I use case. And you can currently buy polka dot on finance. And for coin number six, we have a now, in my opinion, Eva is the best crypto out there for peer to peer lending because of its peer to peer lending intentions. Ivy might be one of the most beneficial cryptocurrency is out there as well.

Now, I’ve was launched into 2017 and it has recently crossed the twenty twenty all time high price in most of the top. One hundred crypto currencies are still battling to reach their February twenty twenty figure number as they reach an all time high of four hundred and ninety eight dollars in February and then dropped to three hundred and twelve dollars where it has been steadily growing since then. What the current price of three hundred and eighty three dollars. Now these three network is used to power the cryptocurrency because the current market cap as an average worth of three point five million dollars. This would be the basis for AV’s quick increase now of the cryptocurrency that works and they theorem network. And by the way, you will notice that you already have the cryptocurrency mentioned in this video run on the theory of network, which is another reason why I’m so bullish on Ethereum. Now back to according to world, simple, obvious peer to peer lending initiative has three benefits. The first is, of course, allowing customers to obtain cryptocurrency loans. The second advantage is that users do not need to give personal information in order to be authorized for loans. Avey is unconcerned with the credit score, race or background or other social aspects you can borrow on of as long as you have cryptocurrency to use as collateral. Third, getting a loan via AVY is said to be almost instantaneous. Abe has the ability to totally disrupt retail. Banks and the loan sector as we know it, and Avey distinguishes itself from other Ethereum lending protocols by offering industry first features such as flash loans and variable in fixed interest rates. And some of the other use cases for include a savings account for consumers who want to earn interest on their money.

The money is held in a small contract which makes the assets available to borrowers. Another is traditional loans. Krypto users in need of cash can borrow as you stable coins. The money may be withdrawn to their bank accounts. The funds can be utilised to start a business or pay off debts and living expenses. And to conclude, in my opinion, my suggestion is for everyone to just practice caution and do your own research. There will be a lot of people still debating that cryptocurrency is not here to stay and there are others that are buying today and have no idea what they’re doing. And when the price drops, they start to panic, avoid them at all costs, because there’s no question that crypto currencies are here to stay.

And the question is going to be where to invest your hard earned money in the market. And just remember that as you decide what investment to make, use this article as another source of information to help you base your decisions after doing your own due diligence. And that’s always cryptocurrency can be a roller coaster of a ride. Yes, they can go up one hundred X, but it can also go down to as much as 80 percent in a single day, which is always important to think long term and do your own research.


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